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Pros and Cons of Silk Top Wig

A silk top is fleshed colored silk material sewn onto a lace, either  french or swiss. It covers the lace wig and appears to be a scalp. The knots are hidden inside the silk material and is completely invisible. When parting your wig it gives it a more natural look. With a silk top you don’t have to bleach the knots. The standard size of a silk top is 4×4, but you can order a different size which may cost more.

Silk Top


There are some pros and cons for ordering a silk top.

The pros:

1. there are no visible knots

2. Less shedding

3. Looks like the hair is growing for the scalp.

The Cons:

1. Limits your parting ability and can only part where the silk top is.

2: More Expensive, $75 more for adding a silk top.

To eliminate the cons you can order a FULL SILK TOP WIG. The full cap is made of silk top material. Very fine thin skin or Swiss lace is attached around the perimeter to give a more undetectable and natural hair line. You get undetectable parting from the front to the back as well as ear to ear. No need to wear a wig cap, no need to worry about bleached knots,  the full cap features hidden knots.

This wig can be worn as a glue-less wig as well as worn with glue or tape. This unit doesn’t have any stretch so we need your exact measurements when ordering this type of cap. All full silk top wigs are made with virgin hair. You can choose Brazilian, Mongolian, Indian, Malaysian, or Chinese. This wig will last a very long time. Minimum to NO shedding at all!! Best quality hair and techniques will be used by our top wig makers.

Full Silk Top Wig     



Indian Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Available


Silky or Yaki Lace Front WigThese are the best lace front wigs you will find on the internet. Made so natural and flaweless. Nothing like your beauty store lace front wigs. We offer more lace and it extends further back into the crown of the wig so you get a longer more natural part. You also get lace around on the sides of the wig so you have a natural hairline all the way across instead of just in the front of wig. These wigs are great if youre looking to take a break from your full lace wig or if you are looking for something more durable than the full lace. Dont worry about shedding and ripping your lace! These wigs are sooooo beautiful. Please try one… you will not be disappointed!! Guaranteed!!!!!

Human Hair Lace Front Wig Features:
  • Baby Hairs
  • Natural Hairline unlike the ones in the Beauty Supply Store
  • Extended Lace in Crown and Side Area so you get a longer more natural looking part.
  • 100% Indian Remy Human Hair
  • Can be worna ponytail
  • Can be washed and curled just like full lace wigs
  • Many In Stock
  • 6 to 24 Inches Available
  • Many Colors & Styles
  • All Textures & Styles Can be Duplicated
  • Minimal Glue or Tape Needed
  • More Durable than Full Lace Wigs- Hair Sheds Less
  • Superior Quality Guaranteed
  • Double Bleached Knots throughout full lace area
  • Many Styles available. Curly, Wavy & Straight

Visit our website or call to order. or 919-396-0734

           Body Wave Lace Front      Deep Wave Lace Front

Glueless Lace Wig

Many customers have been requesting and asking is there a glueless lace wig?  The answer is yes!

Many also ask how does the wig stay on? When ordering a custom wig your options are endless.  Combs, adjustable straps, and thin skin are a few things the glue less cap feature to help keep it secure on your head.  We currently have 3 types of glue less full lace wigs. They all have different features.

Cap 1~ Our most popular cap!  This cap is half lace and half stretch. Elastic Band in back of unit provides security while you have the option to add combs or clips to the sides for added security. If you are bald you can add thin skin instead of combs or clips. This unit doesnt have any lace to cut and has a semi natural hairline.

Cap 1 - Glueless Stretch Cap Cap 1 - Glueless Stretch Cap

Cap2~  Full Lace Cap.  This style doesnt have any stretch int he cap and does not have a natural hairline. This is a good cap style if you normally wear bangs or the hair combed over in front. Fits on like a regular wig no combs, tape or glue needed.

Cap 2 - Glueless No Stretch

Cap 3~ Most Realistic Hairline! This is a semi glue less style. Tape  maybe needed by the ears so the wig doesn’t shift or move. Bobby pins could also be used. This cap is made similar to cap 1 but the lace is left in front for you to cut and the hair still has its natural hairline  and has an elastic band in the back.

Cap 3 - Glueless Lace Cap  Cap 3 - Glueless Lace Cap

All caps have freestyle parting and baby hair.

Our glue-less caps have to be custom made. Rush orders take just 2 weeks and standard orders 4 weeks. To order one of our Glue-less Full Lace Wigs please visit Younique Lace Wigs  pick a cap style and fill out the custom order form.  Choose any hair style on our website and have it made into a glue-less lace wig.

Add a Bang to In Stock Wigs

beyonce-bangsLike bangs? You can add a bang to any of our in stock lace wigs.  Please be advised that this will delay your order by 1 or 2 days. Choose a Chinese Bang or Side Bang. If you want a custom bang send us your pictures! We will duplicate the bang of your choice. 

Our new website is under construction. Soon it will be easy to order & customize our in stock wigs. Check back for updates.

Choose one of ours or show us your picture!

Shay         Kim

Lace Frontals & Closures

Lace FrontalA lace frontal creates an illusion of the hair growing out of your natural hairline, the perfect solution for thinning edges, receding hairlines and even a thinning crown.  The lace front will cover your hairline from ear to ear similar to wearing a headband.  To attach the frontal to your natural hairline you can use tape or you can use a liquid adhesive for extended wear,  clips may also be used to secure the back of the lace frontal or it may be attached to a braid for a flawless sew-in weave! Lace frontals also have freestyle parting. So you can comb it all back, make parts anywhere, or cut bangs.

Lace frontals are  applied to the front hairline area  for a natural undetectable look, and extensions are applied to the rest of the hair. Extentions can be glued or sewn in. Sew Ins are better! But if you dont have enough hair to sew you can always glue it.

Lace closures are good for bald or thinning hair (alopecia) in crown area or equally used to cover the center of other weaving or extension methods. Both pieces can be used to create an illusion of a natural parting.

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