Best Product for Your Lace Wig


If you are experiencing any tangling or matting here is a great product to use on your Remy hair and wigs.
I recommended it to one of my customers who had been using everything and she said of all the other products she has ever used this one works the best.
The product is called Cowboy Magic. It’s used on horses to keep their coat looking good but is also safe for human use. It will free your hair of any tangles and gives the hair a soft shine. The formula is non greasy or oily.
The client is currently using the Detangler but you can also buy the conditioner and shampoo and an array of other products. You can purchase the product at or direct from Amazon has reviews on the products.
Wigs tangle and matte for different reasons. Color and style have the most influence. Lighter colors tend to matte and tangle more as well as well kinkier textures.  Virgin hair wigs hold up the best when it comes to avoiding tangling and matting. Unprocessed virgin hair will last 3x longer than standard remy wigs. Because the hair is unprocessed, free of chemicals, and cuticles aligned it sheds, tangles and matte little to none.
We will be adding more virgin styles in the next few weeks.
To see our virgin hair wigs click here.
Purchase a lace wig today!

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