Top 10 Lace Wig Tips

1.) When applying your lace wig dont apply it to far down on your forehead. It will look unnatural. Align with your natural hairline or behind your natural hairline.

2.) If using glue please allow the glue to become tacky or stickey before applying the wig. This will allow the wig to hold better and longer.

3.) If using tape or glue and tape together, apply the tape to the wig instead of your hairline. This will help the wig stick better in the back as well as make it easier to apply the wig.

4.) Always clean your hairline before applying the wig. You want to remove dirt makeup sweat and oil so the wig will stick better.

5.) Use the baby hair to help create a more natural look. Sometimes the baby hair is really long like bangs so you may want to use a razor comb and thin out the baby hair to make it shorter so its more natural looking. About 1-2 inches is a good length.

6.) Stretch the lifespan of your lace wig by adding extra densitywhen ordering. When adding extra density always get it added to the back and middle of the wig. Keep the front of the wig natural looking not to bulky.

7.) If you can afford to buy virgin hair please do. Standard remy is ok but Virgin is the best. When you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a wig you want something thats going to last and save you money in the long run. Virgin has has little to no tangling shedding or matting.

8.) Clipless curling irons, flexi rods, and rollersets are the best way to curl lace wigs for long lasting curls.

9.) Air drying your lace wig or any remy or virgin hair is the best option for longevity and manageability.

10.) Always keep your remy/virgin hair moisturized with a light oil or mist.


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