Removing Product Build Up

Baking Soda Bath (used to remove styling and conditioning product build up)
You do a BS bath the same way you do a BA bath, with the exception of this:
Fill a large 3qt container with hot water. Pour 1/2 to 3/4 cups of baking soda into the water and mix until completely dissolved.
After brushing out the unit, place it into the mixture making sure it is completely submerged.
allow the unit to soak over night or a minimum of 4 hours. (The hair will begin to float to the top of the mixture.) Remove it and rinse with warm water.
Wash with a clarifying shampoo thoroughly. Deep condition , rinse and allow to dry.
Style as usual.
**It is also extremely important to rinse out the baking soda solution prior to shampooing because if you leave it in and the hair dries, it will feel “chalky” and stiff, but this is only because you didn’t rinse the unit thoroughly. Once you have done the baking soda bath, then use a clarifying shampoo and do a deep conditioning and the hair should be soft and silky. Keep in mind, too, that if you don’t thoroughly rinse out shampoo, the hair will stiffen up when it’s dried**
1. Mix one gallon of very hot water (hottest available from the tap) with 1/4 cup of Clorox bleach. (Do not use old Clorox or a generic brand, it won’t work)
2. Totally submerge the human hair unit into the water for approximately 2 or 3 minutes. Do not leave longer than 3 minutes Small bubbles will normally appear durrng the process. Comb or brush very gently when submerged.
3. Remove hair unit and submerge in a basin of lukewarm water that has been pre mixed with shampoo. Gently lift in and out for about 3 minutes and also brush or comb the hair very gently when submerged. Remove and blot dry
4. Mix 1/4 cup of ammonia to 3 cups of warm water. Dip hair unit in and out twice.
5. Repeat step 3
6.Apply conditioner, rinse and style.
Your wig will look brand new and be tangle free
So is the bleach method not to be used that often because it will eventually change the hair color, also you can saturate the unit with Nexxus or a good deep conditioner on the unit place in a plastic bag, nuke in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then put back in again for another 15 seconds.

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