Glueless Lace Wig

Many customers have been requesting and asking is there a glueless lace wig?  The answer is yes!

Many also ask how does the wig stay on? When ordering a custom wig your options are endless.  Combs, adjustable straps, and thin skin are a few things the glue less cap feature to help keep it secure on your head.  We currently have 3 types of glue less full lace wigs. They all have different features.

Cap 1~ Our most popular cap!  This cap is half lace and half stretch. Elastic Band in back of unit provides security while you have the option to add combs or clips to the sides for added security. If you are bald you can add thin skin instead of combs or clips. This unit doesnt have any lace to cut and has a semi natural hairline.

Cap 1 - Glueless Stretch Cap Cap 1 - Glueless Stretch Cap

Cap2~  Full Lace Cap.  This style doesnt have any stretch int he cap and does not have a natural hairline. This is a good cap style if you normally wear bangs or the hair combed over in front. Fits on like a regular wig no combs, tape or glue needed.

Cap 2 - Glueless No Stretch

Cap 3~ Most Realistic Hairline! This is a semi glue less style. Tape  maybe needed by the ears so the wig doesn’t shift or move. Bobby pins could also be used. This cap is made similar to cap 1 but the lace is left in front for you to cut and the hair still has its natural hairline  and has an elastic band in the back.

Cap 3 - Glueless Lace Cap  Cap 3 - Glueless Lace Cap

All caps have freestyle parting and baby hair.

Our glue-less caps have to be custom made. Rush orders take just 2 weeks and standard orders 4 weeks. To order one of our Glue-less Full Lace Wigs please visit Younique Lace Wigs  pick a cap style and fill out the custom order form.  Choose any hair style on our website and have it made into a glue-less lace wig.



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