Best Holding Glue For Your Lace Wig


Ultrahold is the most popular lace wig glue on the market. However with my experience it does not hold anywhere near 6 weeks. I can get a 2 week hold using the Ultrahold and super tape together. If you are looking for something that holds a little longer try these other adhesives. We don’t carry them but you can do a Google search and find them at other stores.

Perma Tec Bond Adhesive — Costs 35.00 – 100.00 per bottle!

PermaTec formula is the result of new developments in science and technology. PermaTec represents a change in the world of adhesives as this compound addresses each individual’s body chemistry.The technology has allowed the removal of the plasticizer from previous formulas, creating a more stable product that performs more effectively against excessive body heat, and oily scalp conditions.As a result of this new formulation, PermaTec has a creamier, thicker consistency that delivers a smoother, easier-to-use, and longer-lasting application.

Base Bond Adhesive — Costs 25.00 – 40.00

BaseBond is a great liquid adhesive that’s getting much attention on message boards all over the internet!This is a great adhesive to carry in a purse or briefcase due to the fact that Basebond dries so quickly. (You can do a full cap in about 5 minutes.) It’s perfect for emergency touch-ups or for use in your normal attachment routine.Some have even reported combining other adhesives like Davlyn Super Stick between layers of Basebond for a better hold. 4oz bottle with nozzle spout.

Hold time:
Basebond is famously easy to clean and remove with up to a 5-14 day hold time. (Single day hold with fewer layers)

The best lace wig adhesive for long term wear is Endura-Bond. Endura-Bond is a hard-bond that is mostly used in agencies that specialize in hair replacements (i.e. The Hair Club for Men, etc.). It has a longer hold than the soft-bond adhesives that are generally used for lace wigs (i.e. Ultra-hold, No-Tape, Extenda-Bond, etc.)
Endura-Bond is well suited to accommodate a variety of surfaces and substrates. Use Endura-Bond sparingly because it provides a more permanent attachment (use a toothpick to apply the glue…only a small amount is needed). It is frequently used for long term use and is regarded as the strongest adhesive available holding up to 4-6 weeks (with no touch-ups needed). It’s not recommended for beginner lace wearers. If you are a beginner, I suggest getting it applied professionally.


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